How do we connect streetwear culture to art, fashion and lifestyle for the rest of the world?

Equipped with a diverse and multicultural team in both Eastern and Western hemispheres, Selfhood is uniquely positioned to savvily represent brands from both sides of the world on a global scale.‍‍‍‍‍‍

We do this by conceptualizing and nurturing cross-cultural collaborations between our brands and creative partners from many different fields. Whether that’s introducing a streetwear edge to fashion, footwear and accessories brands, or creating unique experiences by connecting food and fashion, Selfhood lessens the distance between subcultures around the world.

Crocs x Greenhouse:
Carrots by Anwar Carrots & Daily Paper
When Crocs – the brand of famously comfortable foam clogs – made its cultural and fashionable comeback in 2020, it was with a strategic determination. Key to that were collaborations with partners as varied as KFC, the artist Takashi Murakami, hip hop artists like South Korean rapper PSY, and fashion brands like Christopher Kane and Yang Mi.

And when Crocs wanted to reach out to and tap on streetwear’s culture and aesthetic, it looked to Carrots by Anwar Carrots and Daily Paper – two leading brands that Selfhood distributes.

The collaboration was facilitated by Greenhouse, a subsidiary of Footlocker that was founded in 2019 as a collaboration incubator. Greenhouse operates as a cultural think-tank and fosterer of unconventional and exciting tie-ups.

We thus led a 3-way collaboration between Crocs, Greenhouse, and our brands Carrots by Anwar Carrots and Daily Paper to release a global design and launch project in Asian, European and American markets that targeted the cross-segment of Crocs and streetwear fans.

The surprising merger of streetwear with Crocs was a success: both collections sold out within 5 minutes of launch. Press and social media also responded positively, with a combined total of over 38.1 million impressions from press coverage and social media content.
Brand Development
Collaboration Opportunities
Product Launch
Crocs x Daily Paper Classic Clogs Camo
Brand Impressions
Combined total impressions in the press and on social media, covered by leading tastemakers like COMPLEX, GQ and HIGHSNOBIETY.
The Carrots and Daily Paper collaboration with Crocs both sold out within five minutes of launching.
Designer Anwar Carrots looks to move beyond the confines of a traditional fashion brand and finds a kindred spirit with his first collaboration with Crocs.
Mong Kok’s Diners Club:
Tsui Wah x Popcorn Supply x Selfhood
In a bid to blend fashion and food culture, Selfhood conceptualized and led a collaboration between the legendary Hong Kong diner Tsui Wah and leading multilabel streetwear retailer Popcorn.

Called Mong Kok Diners Club, this innovative collaborative concept saw the Popcorn boutique transformed into a 90s-style Tsui Wah diner, inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic Cha-Chaan-Teng culture. Five brands, distributed by us and carried by Popcorn, recreated their versions of classic and favourite Cha-Chaan-Teng dishes, alongside limited product releases that celebrated this local, inner-city Hong Kong grub style.

The meeting of subcultures saw Selfhood brands Daily Paper, 40s & Shorties, Carrots by Anwar Carrots, FR2, Yeti Out and IISE release exclusive shirts and merchandise, and creating dining experiences featuring food dishes curated by each brand that were served to press as part of the experience.
Branding & Concept
Event Planning
Music Programming
Graphic Design
Custom Tsui Wah collab menu for invited press and guests dinner event.
Hotel Casestudy:
Chinatown Market x Boon The Shop
Boon The Shop is one of South Korea’s foremost stockists of international design brands, famous for its vast, futuristic Peter Marino flagship in Cheongdam. It’s often credited as the country’s first luxury multilabel boutique to bring a truly international shopping experience to Korean customers.

To raise the profile and exposure of Chinatown Market in Korea, which has been carried by Boon The Shop since 2017, Selfhood wanted to do something interesting and unexpected.

Riding on Chinatown Market’s fun and humorous sense of style, as well as its accessibility and difference from everyday mainstream fashion, we worked with Boon The Shop and its sneaker specialist arm Casestudy, to create a hotel-themed pop-up in Seongsu, complete with a bedroom, living room, dressing room and bathroom, with exclusive items by Chinatown Market.

The limited edition collection consisted of special lifestyle items like pyjamas, bed linens, tableware, rugs, mugs and beverages featuring a specially-created Chinatown Market Hotel graphic and the brand’s smiley motif.
Creative Concept
Product Launch
Chinatown Market x Jinro
When it comes to soju, the South Korean tipple of choice, there’s really only one brand: Jinro. With over 95 years of history, Jinro soju began to take the world by storm, ranking 1st in the world for sales of distilled alcohol for 16 consecutive years. Bolstered by the Korean wave and collaborations with visual artists like Sket One, camping brands like Helinox, tech accessory brands like Spigen, and casual fashion brands like Covemat, Jinro soju has become more than just a drink – it’s a lifestyle and a symbol of a good time.

So when Jinro wanted to create a collaboration collection of merchandise in the streetwear space, we roped in Chinatown Market because the two brands share a strong core of fun as a brand value. The collaboration allowed fans of Chinatown Market around the world, as well as drinkers of Jinro from the 82 countries it exports to, to experience a fun twist on both drink and streetwear apparel.

The Chinatown Market x Jinro collaboration features a graphic mashup of icons and motifs, like Chinatown Market’s smiley and Jinro’s toad mascot. These appear on a surprising lineup of items geared for fun, like a drinking game ball, kick scooter, basketball, tent, labels on bottles of Jinro soju, soju shot glasses, and classics like t-shirts, hoodies and bucket hats.
Collaboration Opportunity
Product Launch
Jinro x Chinatown Market apparel capsule collection
Retail Pop-up

From 22 March to 12 April, we also partnered up with CASESTUDY to host pop-up event for this collaboration in Seoul, South Korea.
Limited edition Chinatown Market Jinro soju packaging.